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CSLP News Update - Flooding

posted on May 6, 2019

As you are likely aware, communities in multiple areas of New Brunswick, Quebec and Ontario are facing significant flooding.  We have been working with our colleagues in Ontario and New Brunswick, and are deploying special measures to assist borrowers, similar to what we have done in the past few years, but with some modification.  
•    As in other years, borrowers in repayment can benefit from expedited and easier access to the Repayment Assistance Plan (RAP) by calling the NSLSC. In addition to integrated provinces, this measure may impact provinces that have harmonized their RAP with the federal program.  
•    Borrowers are placed on a priority call list and an NSLSC agent will help them apply for RAP over the phone, and are allowed to provide a verbal attestation rather than proof of income documentation for the current month.
•    RAP may be back-dated up to six months.
•    Delinquency calls to borrowers who self-identify as affected by flooding can have their delinquency calls temporarily suspended for Canada Student Loans, Integrated Student Loans and Canada Apprentice Loans.  What has changed from previous years, is that we will not be proactively suspending calls based on permanent addresses being located in affected areas.  The NSLSC will exercise sensitivity, and will temporarily suspend delinquency calls to borrowers who self-identify.  RAP will be offered when appropriate.  Note that other outbound call types will also continue, as they provide benefits to the borrowers (disbursement, end of study, RAP oriented calls, and pre-consolidation calls).
As usual, a banner message will be added to the NSLSC, CALSC and websites in the next few days.
We will continue to monitor the situation and will advise as necessary as the situation evolves.