Here are some of the many presentations that were shared throughout CASFAA 2019.


  • How To Have A Supportive Conversation - Building on Your Natural Helping Abilities


  • CASFAA Out-of-Province Perspectives 
  • Overdue - An Approach To Addressing Unpaid Tuition at UBC
  • CASFAA Dialogue - Exploring Training For Our Teams
  • Student Lending Digital Platform & NSLSC Update
  • Young Adults Don’t Have The Education They Need To Be Financially Fit

JUNE 19 

  • Debt and Absolution - The Story Of One First Generation Métis Student's Process Of Picking Up The University Bill
  • Get Your Students Involved! Integrating Current Students Into Your Business Practices 
  • Young Professional Careers - Career Progresh Sesh
  • Credit Counselling Society Of Canada - Financial First Aid for Student Aid
  • Evolution, Overview, And Update Of Canada Student Loans Program
  • Living Tradition - Using Storytelling To Understand The Past and Shape The Future
  • What Is SlideRoom And Why Should You Be Using It
  • More Than Money - A Values-Based Approach To Developing A Meaningful and Accessible Financial Literacy Program
  • OSAP Program Updates 2019-20 and Q&A
  • Toot Your Own Horn! A Simplified Approach To Meaningful Program Assessment


Here are several other resources that you can share with students!

  • CCS - 52 Week Money Challenge
  • CCS - Grocery Shopping Tips That Will Save You Money
  • CCS - Meal Plan Template
  • CCS - Price Matching - Rebates - Coupons
  • CCS - Where Does Money Go
  • Tracey Bisset - Resources To Help Pay For School