Statement of Ethics

The Financial Aid Professional shall:

  1. Be committed to the goals of removing financial barriers to assist qualified students in pursuing post-secondary studies.
  2. Make every effort to assist students in meeting their financial need by providing all relevant information and/or financial resources.
  3. Support the objectives of promoting accessibility to post-secondary education by the encouragement of students with respect to their aspirations and financial planning.
  4. Be informed of the financial issues facing students and their families and promote their interests at the institutional, provincial and federal levels.
  5. Provide quality presentations and publications on financial assistance to educate students and their families.
  6. Respect the dignity and protect the privacy of all students and assure the confidentiality of student records and personal circumstances.
  7. Treat all applicants for financial assistance in a fair, consistent and equitable manner.
  8. Provide services that do not discriminate on the basis of race, gender, ethnicity, sexual orientation, religion, disability, age or economic status.
  9. Recognize the need for professional development.
  10. Be an active and cooperative member of the student services community.
  11. Promote the free expression of ideas and opinions and foster respect for diverse viewpoints within the profession.
  12. Commit to the highest level of ethical behavior and refrain from conflict of interest or the perception thereof.
  13. Maintain the highest level of professionalism reflecting a commitment to the goals and objectives of the Canadian Association of Student Financial Aid Administrators.