Sunday, June 4, 2017

5:00-6:30pm      Dinner on Your Own
6:00-6:30pm      First Time Attendee Reception
6:30-7:30pm      Opening Remarks & Speaker
7:30-9:00pm      Opening Reception

Monday, June 5, 2017

8:00-9:00am       Breakfast
9:15-10:30am     Keynote Speaker
10:30-10:45am   Nutrition Break
10:45-12:00pm   Concurrent Sessions A
12:00-1:00pm     Lunch
1:15-2:30pm      Concurrent Sessions B
2:30-2:45pm      Nutrition Break
2:45-4:00pm      Concurrent Sessions C
4:00-7:00pm      Free Time & Dinner on Your Own
7:00-10:00pm    East Coast Mixer

Tuesday, June 6, 2017

8:00-8:45am       Breakfast
8:45-10:30am     CASFAA AGM
10:30-10:45am   Nutrition Break
10:45-12:00pm   Concurrent Sessions D
12:00-1:00pm     Lunch
1:15-2:30pm       Concurrent Sessions E
2:30-2:45pm       Nutrition Break
2:45-4:00pm       Concurrent Sessions F
4:00-6:00pm       Free Time
6:00-7:00pm       Closing Banquet Reception
7:00-9:00pm       CASFAA Banquet Dinner
9:00-11:30pm     Farewell to Nova Scotia After Party


6:00-6:30pm      First Time Attendee Reception

Is this your first CASFAA Conference? Be sure to set yourself up for success and take advantage of all the networking activities the conference has to offer, including the First Time Attendee Reception. During the reception, you will have the opportunity to meet and greet the CASFAA Board of Directors and the 2017 Conference Planning Committee. Enjoy a beverage and make a new friend!

6:30-9:00pm      Opening Reception

Join us as we welcome and look forward to listening to the former Poet Laureate of Halifax, El Jones. El is a spoken word artist, activist, journalist, and scholar and captures a crowd like no other. Her amazing ability to use poetry to speak towards political causes and social justice will be a great way to start our CASFAA 2017 Conference off with a bang!   
We all know that money matters, but so does mingling. The CASFAA Opening Reception will take place after the opening speakers and will provide attendees with the opportunity to network with familiar and new colleagues. This kickoff event will include an interactive activity and there is no better venue to immerse yourself in Nova Scotia’s rich maritime heritage than Halifax’s iconic Maritime Museum of the Atlantic.

9:15-10:30am     Keynote Speaker

Let’s get energized and motivated by listening to Will Njoku as our keynote speaker for the conference. Will’s unique perspective saved him when a diagnosis turned his life upside down. He helps individuals uncover the roots of resilience, reach their full potential and fuel their Will2Win in the game of life.

7:00-10:00pm    East Coast Mixer

Come down to the Historic Granville Mall to NSCAD University's Art Bar for a night on the town!
Located at the Fountain Campus, the Art Bar is housed in the Historic Properties district, adjacent to the scenic boardwalks of Halifax Harbour. The Victorian terrace-style campus – the only one of its kind in North America – is an interconnected row of 23 former merchant shops and warehouses bounded by Hollis and Duke Streets and the cobblestone Granville pedestrian terrace.
The Art Bar is NSCAD’s rotating performative installation space and is opening their doors for CASFAA delegates to give them a taste of art school life here on the East Coast. There will be music, games and a chance to try your hand at making some art of your own!

6:00-7:00pm       Closing Banquet Reception

Please come and gather with us for a short networking opportunity prior to the formal CASFAA Banquet. We will be socializing in the University of King’s College Wardroom for drinks and before making our way to the Closing Banquet Dinner.  

7:00-9:00pm       CASFAA Banquet Dinner

Join us at the University of King’s College for the annual CASFAA Banquet Dinner, along with the university President, Professor William Lahey. Prepared by our wonderful Sodexo staff, this three-course meal served by candle light will be an excellent way to end a fun filled conference.  Full with speeches, awards and the ever-popular conference slide show, it will be a great way to spend time with your Financial Aid friends.

9:00-11:30pm     Farewell to Nova Scotia After Party

Following the CASFAA Banquet dinner, join us for the Farewell to Nova Scotia After Party, located in the University of King’s College Wardroom, the on campus student lounge and bar area. This final event will allow everyone to relax, have fun and say their final goodbyes will listening to the “Gig Dogs” play live traditional east coast music that will even get some of you up and dancing!  We cannot wait to see you there!

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