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McGill University
Montreal, QC

Board of Directors 2020-2021

 Stephanie Williams

Stephanie Williams,
Coordinator of Program Eligibility, SFA & A
British Columbia Institute of Technology

 _images/2020-12 Stephanie Sarik

Vice-President Executive
Stephanie Sarik
Director, Financial Aid and Awards
Concordia University

 _images/2021-01 Cara Piperni

Past President
Cara Piperni
Director, Scholarships & Student Aid, Student Services
McGill University 

 _images/2020-12 Manuela Sheehy

Manuela Sheehy
Associate Registrar, Student Financial Services
University of Guelph

 _images/2020-12 Rebecca Koeller

Rebecca Koeller
Associate Director, Student Awards and Financial Aid
Dalhousie University

 _images/2020-12 Elizabeth Perez

Member-at-Large – External Relations
Elizabeth Perez
Director, Financial Aid & Awards, Student Services
Université de Montréal

 _images/2020-12 Heather Mitchell

Web Administrator
Heather Mitchell
Associate Director, Student Support & Advising
The University of British Columbia


Regional Directors

 _images/2020-12 Fiona Halbert

Alberta and the Northwest Territories/Nunavut
Fiona Halbert
Assistant Registrar, Student Financial Support
University of Alberta

 _images/2020-12 Karen McKitrick-Twaites

British Columbia and Yukon
Karen McKitrick-Twaites
Manager, Student Aid
Simon Fraser University

 _images/2020-12 Karen Brown

Manitoba and Saskatchewan
Karen Brown
Coordinator Student Awards & Financial Aid
University of Regina

 _images/2020-12 Shelley Clayton

New Brunswick, Newfoundland and Labrador
Shelley Clayton
Director of Financial Aid
University of New Brunswick

 _images/2020-12 Mary Fisher-MacDonnell

Nova Scotia and Prince Edward Island
Mary Fisher-MacDonnell
Financial Aid Officer, Office of the Registrar
St. Francis Xavier University

 _images/2020-12 Susan Allward

Susan Allward
Director, Integrated & Financial Services
Ontario Tech University

 _images/2020-12 Vittoria Catania

Vittoria Catania
Associate Director, Student Aid
McGill University