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October 26, 2023 National Data Benchmarking Survey
In Fall 2023, CASFAA will launch its third National Data Benchmarking Survey. CASFAA members will have the opportunity to complete their survey throughout the month of November, with data, reports and analyses being shared in 2024.

Across the country, Scholarships and Financial Aid professionals help thousands of students every year access higher education and complete their degree. However, oftentimes the scope and impact of the work done by the financial aid and awards teams are not fully understood, both within the institution, and across the collective higher education network.

The National Data Benchmarking Survey and resulting Reports aims to provide financial aid administrators and CASFAA itself with an important tool to advance and promote this work. This initiative was designed to establish a foundation towards addressing the absence of data and aggregate information about work in the scholarships and financial aid field in Canadian schools.
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