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Job Board > Enrolment Services Advisor (supporting former youth in government care) - UBC

Enrolment Services Advisor (supporting former youth in government care) - UBC

This is a Temporary, Full-time position.

Province: Vancouver, British Columbia
Position: Enrolment Services Advisor (supporting former youth in government care)
Deadline: August 14, 2018
Posted: August 1, 2018

Job Description / Duties


Job Summary
The Enrolment Services Advisor (ES Advisor) is an advising specialist who is a highly visible representative of Enrolment Services (ES) and the University.

Each ES Advisor is assigned a portfolio of up students and is responsible for guiding those students throughout their entire student experience. The ES Advisor provides professional advice for students (international and domestic) across ES areas of responsibility, including: student financial support, admission, domestic student recruitment, tuition, fee assessment and collection, student records, registration, and transfer credit. With Student Recruiters and Associate ES Advisors, ES Advisors also support up to approximately 25,000 prospective domestic students, annually.

The ES Advisor, Student Programs (ES Advisor, SP) manages the design, delivery, and evaluation of ES student service programs and makes strategic recommendations on the establishment of service standards with particular attention to supporting youth with lived experience in government care in establishing recruitment tactics and ongoing support measures for their time at UBC's campuses. They will also be assigned a portfolio of students with lived experience in government care (Youth in Care) and be responsible for assisting with recruitment of prospective students, developing programming for, fostering community within and advocating for the needs of this student population.
Organizational Status
The ES Advisor, SP reports to the Associate Director, Enrolment Services. They work closely with advisors and academic and student affairs professionals at the University, including other staff in Enrolment Services, the Provost & VP, Academic Portfolio (Go Global, International Student Initiative, etc.), the academic faculties and the Vice-President, Students portfolio (International Student Development, Counselling Services, etc.). The ES Advisor, SP represents ES on teams, committees, and working groups internal and external to ES, including government and agency committees. They assists in hiring and training student employees.
Work Performed
The ES Advisor, SP uses in-depth knowledge and understanding of all areas of the registrarial profession to design, deliver, and evaluate enrolment services in order to support the success, personal development and financial wellness of current students as well as prospective undergraduate students. ES Advisors are responsible for student advising and project management in all areas of the registrarial profession including financial aid and financial wellness, tuition and fees, records and registration, admissions and recruitment.

The ES Advisor, SP requires a wide understanding of this multi-faceted regulatory environment to advise each individual student in context. The ES Advisor, SP uses knowledge of systems, policies, regulations, and guidelines and exercises professional judgment to solve unusual and complex problems that cross organizational boundaries. The ES Advisor, SP develops, manages and leverages relationships and strategic partnerships to effectively resolve student issues, streamline processes and complete projects.


The ES Advisor, SP leads the work in Enrolment Services to support prospective and current students with lived experience in government care (Youth in Care). The ES Advisor, SP will act as the primary liaison for the program to build community relationships, actively recruit youth and develop the mechanisms to support their success at UBC in partnership with colleagues across Enrolment Services and the University. The success of this program is seen through strong relationships, intentional support and work that puts the students' needs at the forefront.

* Build a community among current students who have lived experience in care at UBC, whether they are eligible or not for one of the two tuition waivers through regular group meetings, events and other activities that meet and are driven by the individual student needs.
* Ensure regular and individual contact with students to ensure core needs are being met for the waiver as well as managing any emergent sensitive topics or issues as they arise.
* Lead proactive resolution of issues should they emerge to lessen impact on financial wellbeing, health and wellness, and academic success at UBC
* Designs, manages, and evaluates workshops, presentations, programs, or events for purposes of training and/or information provision for primary audiences of students, staff, faculty as well as partner institutions, professional organizations and government.
* Maintains UBC databases on self-identification of former youth in care and leads communication and contact points with these students in support of their educational pursuits at UBC.
* Advise on all financial resources accessible to UBC students including elements that are specialized to this population like the Youth Education Assistance Fund.
* Advise students and provide assistance with the process of completing application/consent forms for governmental and institutional tuition waiver programs.
* Work with students on the submission of reimbursements to the government for students approved for the Tuition Waiver Program and ensure reimbursements are applied correctly to individual student accounts
* Act as the initial point of contact for UBC students with lived experience in government care.
* Maintain contact with alumni to track how they are doing, provide support & to invite them to speak to the current students about their transition.
* Maintain strong knowledge of government care programs and resources available to youth after leaving care.
* Maintain current information on all scholarships and awards available to youth with lived experience in government care.
* Maintain UBC website with all information for students interested in applying to UBC who have lived experience in government care.


Financial Advising

ES Advisors are the primary financial advisors for all student financial related matters at the University - this includes undergraduate, graduate and professional students. The complex application and administration of Canadian and US government student loans in addition to managing student finances is one of the greatest sources of stress for students. ES Advisors proactively advise students on how to navigate individual provincial and federal policies to ensure they are properly funded for their educational pursuits. Advising appointments of a financial nature are typically on-going for the entire length of study, highly situational with very little precedent to follow and students are often very anxious and require holistic advising as multiple factors impact student financial wellbeing. ES Advisors support students who face challenges paying their tuition and fees, experience unplanned shortfalls or have an exceptional situation.

* Provides professional advice to students across all areas of student finances with focus on provincial and federal student loans, bursaries and grants.
* Advises students concerning all provincial and federal student loan appeals and reassessments.
* Advises students on financial planning such as scholarships, bursaries, student loans, student bank loans and student lines of credit and making the maximum use of available student financial programs and other supports.
* Advises on all financial resources available that are specialized to the former Youth in Care student population such as the Youth Education Assistance Fund.
* Advises former Youth in Care students and provides assistance with the process of completing application/consent forms for governmental and institutional tuition waiver programs.
* Develops financial strategies that incorporate University policy and support students on the various financial assistance options available in order to develop a spending plan to finance their University education.
* Participates as an active member on Canadian financial associations and help to influence and develop current and future policies to positively impact former Youth in Care students. Works with the Ministry of Advanced Education, Skills and Training in BC and other provincial ministries, where necessary.
* Adjudicates exceptional cases and approves monetary assistance in the form of emergency funding and UBC loans for students with exceptional circumstances.
* Adjudicates requests for exceptions and extensions, including lifting financial holds in accordance with Enrolment Services and University policy. Consequences of this decision could affect students' ability to graduate and for international students this may also impact immigration eligibility.
* Advises students with respect to financial hold and other policies related to tuition fee assessment and collection. Evaluates fee assessment and collection policies and makes recommendations for changes.
* Conducts research and partners with Faculties with respect to financial support for their students. Develops and evaluates the effectiveness of programs, makes recommendations for changes and advocates for student financial wellness.
* Designs, delivers, and evaluates tools and communications programs that enhance student understanding of tuition and other fees, and supports student financial planning.
Prospective Student Advising and Recruitment
ES Advisors work closely with Associate Directors and staff in Undergraduate Admissions and Student Recruitment to develop and deliver services to prospective students. ES Advisors are the primary point of contact for domestic prospective student inquiries about undergraduate admissions. Applying tactful and supportive advising within the University's policy framework in mind is required when students are at the cross roads in their education.
* Participates in recruiting efforts for youth with lived experience in government care including, but not limited to, attending high school events in BC.
* Work with BC high school and elementary school counsellors to ensure understanding of the governmental and institutional tuition waiver programs and university entrance requirements.
* Work with Undergraduate Admissions, BCCAT & other institutions around a transfer policy.
* Advises prospective students, their parents and counselors on undergraduate programs choices across both campuses, ensuring accurate, student-focused and effective delivery of information and key institutional messaging.
* Advises prospective students on admission criteria, changing policies and processes, prerequisites, transfer credit and educational options as they relate to applications for admission
* Investigates and communicates with applicants to resolve complex issues, working closely with other units (eg. Admissions, International Student Initiative) to recommend and resolve often sensitive issues relating to admissibility and University regulations.
* Advises unsuccessful applicants of alternative pathways to post-secondary education and supports families in understanding available options.
* In partnership with Student Recruitment unit, delivers programming and events for prospective domestic students, parents, school counselors, and others.
* Advises and provides outreach to prospective students, school counselors and community members
* Evaluates applicant personal profiles as part of the University's broader based admissions process, may also evaluate other components of applications for admission.

Advising Students at Risk

ES Advisors identify students at risk or in crisis and create an environment in which those students are able to acknowledge difficulties and seek further help. Once a student is identified as at-risk, the ES Advisor intervenes by connecting that student with resources and supports as appropriate, including engaging the University's Early Alert system.

* Anticipates student needs, responds to student requests, and offers subject-matter expertise and professional advice, providing recommendations extending beyond a student's presenting request.
* Researches, validates and identifies areas where systemic barriers may exist for students with lived experience in care and associated underrepresented student populations (i.e. Aboriginal students, first generation students, students from low socioeconomic backgrounds etc.) may impact their ability to pursue higher education.
* Makes referrals where appropriate.
* Work with other units to develop programs to support student transition to university and other student development initiatives.

General Campus Advising

* Advises students across all areas supported by Enrolment Services.
* Anticipates student needs, proactively responds to student requests and offers subject-matter expertise and advising support, providing recommendations and support extending beyond a student's presenting request, through direct cohort support and the use of analytical tools and statistics.
* As active members of the advising team at the university, coaches students toward independence and self-direction and maintains up-to-date knowledge of best practices and current advising theories in the field.
* Develops and implements protocols to capture and manage information about sensitive advisory interactions with students using best practices and sound knowledge of applicable privacy policy and legislation.
* Makes and receives student referrals, when appropriate, between other advisors and/or student service professionals. Follows up to ensure referral accuracy, as appropriate.


ES Advisors are a key source of information on student loans, scholarships, bursaries, university policy and admissions. ES Advisors deliver this information to students via email, service points, individual appointments, workshops, webinars, blogs and other events. ES Advisors work closely with other ES units and campus partners to identify, create and deliver programming that integrates financial advising

* Collaborate with campus community partners to support students with lived experience in care with issues related to student housing, off campus living opportunities, and other basic needs throughout their studies.
* Work closely with Undergraduate Admissions to streamline process for applicants.
* Ensure campus partners (ex. Access & Diversity, Counselling Services, Academic Advising, etc.) have an understanding of the impact of being in government care.
* Maintain the cross campus advising network to discuss best ways to support students and create connections.
* Connect students to graduation resources from UBC.
* Maintain connection with the staff responsible for the tuition waiver program at other BC institutions to share best practices.
* Work closely with Ministry of Children and Family Development and the social workers who have students in the Agreements with Young Adults program.
* Participate in Education and Employment Cluster as part of the TRRUST Collective Impact (community working group working to improve outcomes for youth from care).
* Designs, develops and implements a communications strategy for delivering financial aid and financial wellness information to former Youth in Care students.
* Manages communications and relationships with other ES units (eg. Admissions, Student Financial Services, Student Recruitment & Advising) to support students.
* Liaises with campus partners (eg. faculty Academic Advising offices, International Student Development, First Nations House of Learning) to design, develop and deliver programming, workshops, webinars and other services for students.
Supervision Received
Reporting to an Associate Director, Enrolment Services, and the incumbent will receive coaching, mentorship and performance development to achieve specific goals and objectives. Works both independently and within a team environment. Under minimal supervision, the incumbent has the authority to exercise judgment and make important decisions and provide services on matters of varying complexity in accordance with University policies and best practices in student services.
Supervision Given
Orients, trains, provides direction and/or supervises staff and/or student employees. Actively participates in the hiring, evaluation, and supervision of staff and/or student employees. Acts as a project leader to provide leadership and supervision on a project involving other staff members, faculty, external stakeholders and/or students.
Consequence of Error/Judgement
Work performed by ES Advisors is critical to the success of the University and its ability to deliver on the goals articulated in UBC's strategic plan. The ES Advisor is a highly visible and empowered role within Enrolment Services. Errors in judgment, poor advising, and/or inconsistency in decision making could have significant negative financial, academic and/or personal consequences for students. Decisions are not routinely subject to confirmation and are legally binding upon the University. These negative consequences could damage the relationship between the University and its students. The reputation of the University and/or of its Faculties among community stakeholders could be adversely affected. ES Advisor errors could also compromise the University's ability to meet its enrolment and student retention targets.
Undergraduate degree in a relevant discipline. Undergraduate degree in Social Work, Counselling, Child and Youth Care or a relevant discipline required and a minimum of four years' experience. Post-secondary education and/or training in student services, student affairs, youth support, or a related field is an asset. In depth knowledge of Aboriginal culture, history and socioeconomic issues within British Columbia and Canada is an asset. Minimum of three to four years of related experience or the equivalent combination of education and experience. Experience required in a service centered environment, preferably within student services or youth. Experience in student or client advising or counseling is essential. Experience with interpreting, applying and advising on policies and procedures. Sound and current knowledge on best practices in enrolment or student services, or comparable work experience; experience in at least one the following areas preferred: student records, registration, student recruitment, admissions, and student financial support.

Proficiency with standard office software required. Experience applying technology to improve student and or client services an asset. Previous experience with Student Information Systems or other enterprise database solutions/customer relationship management systems preferred.

Ability to provide effective and appropriate guidance and counsel (e.g., career counselling). A skilled listener, with the ability to identify and respond to sensitive issues with empathy and diplomacy. Must be resourceful and able to analyze problems, identify key information and issues and exercise initiative and creativity to develop effective solutions. Ability to independently exercise superior judgment to make important decisions on matters of varying complexity. Proven ability to use an inclusive approach to develop and cultivate relationships with students, faculty, staff and members of the external community. Excellent interpersonal, communication and presentation skills required. Demonstrated accuracy and attention to detail, especially when working under pressure to meet deadlines. Ability to collaborate and share expertise within a team environment. Ability to provide leadership and supervise staff. Demonstrated time management skills with the ability to effectively prioritize, multi-task and organize work.

Enthusiasm and capacity for continuous learning and development. Must have a valid BC Driver's license, access to a vehicle and the ability to travel on occasion. Experience working with different cultures and/or multilingual ability is an asset.
Equity and diversity are essential to academic excellence. An open and diverse community fosters the inclusion of voices that have been underrepresented or discouraged. We encourage applications from members of groups that have been marginalized on any grounds enumerated under the B.C. Human Rights Code, including sex, sexual orientation, gender identity or expression, racialization, disability, political belief, religion, marital or family status, age, and/or status as a First Nation, Metis, Inuit, or Indigenous person.

All qualified candidates are encouraged to apply; however Canadians and permanent residents will be given priority.

Salary: $65,634.00 (minimum) - $78,791.00 (midpoint) - $94,550.00 (maximum)

Contact Information

Please apply via www.hr.ubc.ca

Camille Johnson - camille.johnson@ubc.ca
Darran Fernandez - darran.fernandez@ubc.ca