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Ontario Budget: Improving Access to Postsecondary Education

affiché le Février 26, 2016

The government is transforming student financial assistance to make postsecondary education more accessible and affordable. To help more students qualify for grants and access the student loan system, the government will create a single major upfront grant — the Ontario Student Grant (OSG), starting in the 2017–18 school year. This will be done by redirecting 100 per cent of the funding from the Ontario Tuition Grant, Ontario Student Opportunity Grant, Ontario Access Grants and other grants offered by OSAP. These changes will ensure that financial support is transparent, timely and targeted to those students with the greatest financial need.

The government’s investments in postsecondary education and training play a critical role in preparing people for the workforce. Seven out of 10 new jobs in Canada will be in high-skilled or management occupations, which require higher education or specialized skills. Overall, Ontarians with higher levels of education and skills have better employment prospects, earn higher wages, and have improved health and longevity.

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