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York University
Toronto, ON

Your 2018 CASFAA Conference Committee is putting the finishing touches on the detailed schedule, which includes a number of interactive plenary sessions and over 20 workshops to choose from. We will be posting details of all of the programming as soon as possible. In the meantime, here is a snapshot of this year’s offerings.




With a few surprises still to come, we have planned a series of interactive plenary sessions that will focus on our diverse student populations, the underpinnings of financial aid programs, the social marketing context and program evaluation.

Starting with a deep-dive on our target populations – who are our students? how has the landscape evolved and how do we need to adjust? A series of experts will provide provocative insights on who we serve, facilitating a reflection on their needs and appropriate approaches.

Why do our financial aid programs exist? What are their underlying values and vision? Representatives of some of our programs will be on hand to shed light on these questions and lead us in discussion on some of the challenges and successes of our financial aid landscape.

Moving onto a portrait of our social context from the perspective of marketing and consumerism juxtaposed with the need for budgeting and control. How does all of this intersect with our role as financial educators and advisors? How can we better guide students to navigate pressures and take charge of their financial situation?

Our heads full of ideas and possibilities, take a deep-dive with us on program evaluation – how can we measure the impact of our programs and approaches? How do we know what’s working and what to change while still taking care of our daily business?





We have a number of sessions planned within this theme, focusing on various governmental programs, including a panel session with our representatives, a special update and demonstration of the new Canadian digital platform, as well as a look at the Québec and American programs.


Five sessions are planned within this theme, including fresh perspectives on bursary programs, facilitated round-table discussion, how we attract the best candidates, an examination of our relationship with institutional foundations and a look at the inclusion of foreign students.


This year, we are privileged to have expert colleagues join us to engage us in discussion and deepen our understanding of this emerging theme: Financial Consumer Agency of Canada, Autorité des marchés financiers and Higher Education Financial Wellness Summit.


We will be offering seven additional sessions on a variety of themes connected to our work. Want to learn more about specific student populations? Want to explore topics such as stress, overall wellness, supporting our team members, RESPs and more? Then take advantage of the presence of our expert colleagues and take the time to connect the dots between various issues.